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This department teaches subjects related to Aeronautics. Only college in Gujarat.

Sonal Baid, Ex- student of Aeronautical Engineering Department who passed out in 2012 is recently awarded for the prestigious honor “2018 Women to watch in UAS” in USA.
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About Aeronautical Engineering Department

Started in 2003 the Department of Aeronautical Engineering has over the years adapted and improved with the fast pace of technology. A sincere and hardworking student body and wholehearted support of the dedicated faculty have contributed in no small measure to the professional successes enjoyed by a good number of individuals who graduated from this department. The department has been continually changing and evolving to meet the needs of modern industry and to train its students to pursue their goals with concentrated determination that has led former students to the greatest heights in their endeavor no matter what responsibility they choose to assume. With rapid changes in the professional world the department has also focused on the drawing of the information age and has conducted new workshops and laboratory facilities.

The educational objectives for Aeronautical Engineering program are designed to produce competent engineers who are ready to contribute effectively to the advancement of aeronautical engineering causes and to accommodate the needs of the community. The objectives of the department is to give students a broad exposure to all areas of Aeronautical Engineering and mould them to be technically competitive and place them ahead in the race for quality employment and to enable the students to acquire practical experience in Aeronautical engineering discipline through design projects and opportunities to work with faculty in research. The department works to mould the students to become future engineers and innovators and make substantial contributions to the society of Aeronautical Engineers.

Aeronautical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering is one of the highly ambitious and challenging fields of study in engineering and technology with very broad range for carrier growth Aeronautical Engineering is an immensely important in the present day world. Aeronautical engineering is an immensely exciting and challenging engineering in which you solve problems relating to the science and technology of aircraft\'s and other flying vehicles and come up with unique solutions to the problem. Aeronautical Engineering Courses imparts multi-faceted training to students in areas like manufacturing and development of aircraft\'s and missiles. An Aeronautical engineer can also design, test and contribute to the development of advanced technologies in the field of defence and space science. It specializes in the designing and planning, building, testing and operation of both commercial and military aircraft\'s, ballistic capsules and space vehicles and their components as well as satellites and missiles. Thrust areas in the field of Aeronautical Engineering are Aerodynamics, Aircraft Design, Aircraft Structures, Aircraft Propulsion, Helicopter Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Avionics.