Every year our students participates in various NASA trophies such as Reubens, G – Sen, Habitus, Nari Gandhi and Louis I Kahn.

    we also participated in cultural activities at NASA.

    Some of the Last Year Zonal NASA achievement highlights are,

    61st ZONAL NASA convention was hosted by  Raman Bhakta School of Architecture, MALIBA Campus between 9th September to 11th September,2018 Total 1500+ students from 50+ colleges from Zone-2 (Western India) participated in convention.

    College of Architecture, SVIT,Vasad participated and achieved following trophies.
    1. Sustainability Trophy- Special Mention (Second Position)
    2. On the spot design trophy - Citation (First Position)
    3. On the Sports - 1st Runner up


  • 2017-2018 - Study Tour
  • NATA Examination Notice - 2019
  • NATA Brochure - 2019

ZEST-O-PUS Magazine




The College Magazine team for ZEST-O- PUS works to bring out the annual official student-publication of College of Architecture, S.V.I.T., Vasad. 
Each year, our team of students, designers, photographers, and correspondents, in addition to generating creative content from the student population, work extensively to report on events in and around college.
The final publication reflects and encompasses the diversity inherent to the academic and extra-curricular spaces in C.O.A. – we have in the past, included sections in various Indian languages, and have interviewed and featured articles by distinguished authors, academicians, and exemplary students. 
With the onset of the working year 2016 and 2017, the ZEST-O- PUS has functioned as an independent society.

Its primary focus has been geared at covering events and notable issues within the college, as well as writing articles and conducting interviews aimed at navigating the student body’s associations and relationships with current events, popular culture, academics, and so on. 
The magazine continues to expand its reach to achieve its vision of being a truly representative student publication.
We have recently expanded into the digital world through the inception of our Instagram page and Facebook page where we try and engage the college community by publishing their creative content regularly, by organizing competitions, and through continued and rapid reporting about college events. 
The team hopes to build on this ethos just as much during the upcoming academic years. We take this opportunity to thank our respected Principal for having faith in us.


Zest-O-Pus Magazine Team