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This department teaches subjects related to Computer engineering.

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About Computer Engineering Department

Computer department was started in 1998 with intake of 60. This department are well equipped with the state-of-the-art laboratories. These discipline scales the newer heights every year because of its qualified and eminent faculty members and skilled supporting staff. By organizing various extra and co curricular events departments have contributed in generation of technology.Number of research publications is observed in diversified domains by our eminent faculty members. The departments is well known for their excellent performance.

Computer Engineering Department has received Rs. 14.53 lacs fund by AICTE Under MODROB Scheme(Modernization and Development of Computer Graphics Laboratory) on December 21, 2009.


To burgeon high caliber technological skills and cognizance in the students of computer engineering department to fulfill industrial needs, research endeavors and to fortify them for entrepreneurship.


M1. To evolve compelling rudiments in the meadow of computer engineering field for excellence.
M2. To avail and inspire students for reforming their cognizance and expertise in computer engineering and furnishing exposure for contemporary vogues.
M3. To Facilitate and motivate students and staff members for augmenting their cognizance through research activities.
M4. Availing guidance to students to be entrepreneurs and evolving their skills which are vital in industrial environments.
M5. Cultivate good virtues and discipline in students.
M6. Encouraging students to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that help them to grow as good professionals and also develop leadership quality.


  1. Preparation - To prepare highly competent computer engineers as professionals, research scholars, academicians and entrepreneurs.
  2. Core Ability - To prepare graduates with strong fundamentals in mathematical, scientific and engineering concepts.
  3. Technical Ability - To develop ability among students to identify, analyze and solve real life problems.
  4. Knowledge Environment - To cultivate competency in students for adaptability to new tools and technologies for developing various disciplinary and interdisciplinary applications.
  5. Professionalism - To nurture the qualities like soft skills, professional ethics and social responsibilities in students.