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About EC Department

The department has fifteen glorious years of excellent service, started with U.G. course 40 seats in 1999 and it has now outnumbered the strength of 120 seats in U.G. and P.G. course with 18 seats in 2010. The department has highly skilled faculty members who have completed P.hd, pursued P.hd. & Master degree in different courses of core electronics. Some of the faculties have also been published their books in their respective fields. The department has also its own library and a separate PCB designing laboratory equipped with latest instruments and software. Department also arranging workshop for the students and the faculty members, which are useful for them to be upgraded with the latest trends.

Special Achievements of Department

1) Department has received a grant of Rs.11,75,000/- under MODROB scheme from AICTE for the development of "Advance Communication System Lab" for Optimal Performance with specific hardware & software.
2) Department has received a grant of Rs. 15,00,000/- under MODROB scheme from AICTE for "Modernization and development of PCB art work & manufacturing plant laboratory."