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This department teaches subjects related to Electrical engineering.

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Our Vision

To provide nationally recognized graduates who can easily implement their theoretical knowledge in practical fields.

Our Mission

  1. To provide students with the skills, knowledge and attitude that will allow its graduates to succeed as engineers and leaders
  2. To prepare the graduates for life-long learning to meet intellectual, ethical and career challenges
  3. To recognize and act upon the special mandate to make high quality engineering education in the surrounding region.
  4. To be the leading department at national level in the field of electrical engineering
  5. To provide cutting-edge research and innovation in close collaboration with industry, society, as well as other leading institutions
  6. To emphasize the linking of theory and modelling to the experimental test and validation of results using experimental setups and soft wares
  7. To be an attractive and motivating work-place for students and faculties.


Program Outcomes

Program Specific Outcomes

Brief History

The Electrical Engineering Department was established in the Academic Year 1997-1998 with two lecturers and one Lab. Assistant with an intake of 60 students and further increased to 120 students from Academic Year 2013-2014. At present dept. works with highly qualified and well experienced faculties including 1 Professor, 1 Associate Professor 25 Assistant Professors and 8 Laboratory Assistants. Post Graduate course in Power System was introduced from academic year 2013-2014 with an intake of 18 students.

The syllabus includes different areas of Electrical Engineering like Fundamentals of Electrical Engg, Power systems, Electrical Machines, Electronics, Power Electronics, Electrical Machine Design and also covers basic concepts of Mechanical and Civil Engineering & also provides an opportunity to learn additional courses related to latest technology in the field of Microprocessors, High Voltage Engineering, Communication and Computer Programming Techniques etc.

Departmental Activities

This department deals with the Electrical Engineering subjects’ right from the entry level to the final year in each branch. Sincerity and dedication of staff members enable to impart the knowledge to the students using various tools like conducting seminars, workshops etc. on different topics to make it interesting for students in continuous learning process and practical aspects of the theories taught in the classrooms. The department on the whole is deeply involved in teaching & guiding the student to prepare them to face the practical situation, when they pass out from this esteemed institution.

Facilities at the Department

Understanding the importance of infrastructure for learning process in such a professional course, the department is equally facilitated with hardware equipment/kits in house and procured from reputed vendors based and software tools based laboratories.
Since its first graduate batch in the year 2001, a regular practice is adopted in exploring different software tools related to Electrical Engineering like PSCAD, ETAP, MATLAB, Power World Simulator to verify students carried out design/Analysis work as an assignment by using pen and paper.

A. Laboratories

The department has ELEVEN well-equipped laboratories as follows:

Electrical Power System Laboratory

    1) Principles of Electrical Engg. Lab.
    2) Electrical Machine Laboratory
    3) Electronics Laboratory
    4) Electrical Power System Laboratory
    5) Network Analysis & Synthesis Lab.
    6) Measurement Laboratory
    7) High voltage Laboratory
    8) Microprocessor Laboratory
    9) Simulation (UG) Laboratory
    10) Simulation (PG) Laboratory
    11) Research Laboratory

B.Departmental Library

Apart from 800 volumes related to Elect. Engg. Department in the central library, the department has its own small but qualitative library with about 45 books on various subjects and a rich collection of useful BIS catalogues, presentations and project reports undertaken by students. In addition the central library is subscribing 5 technical magazines related to the department and a wide collection of reference material in non-book form.

C. Teaching Aids

The department has a wide collection of various teaching aids including models, technical charts, transparencies, working cut section of machines, working models prepared by students etc used for better understanding for the students. The teachers also use latest teaching aids such as multimedia, OHP, LCD Projector etc.

Departmental Interaction with Industries

Understanding the importance of close co-ordination between Educational Institutions and Industries the department puts its constant efforts in establishing and enriching contacts with various industries. The department has received encouraging support from industries in various aspects related to syllabus designing, training and other technical support.

Regular visits of electrical students to different power plants and leading industries are carried out at least once in a semester. Apart from this, students are encouraged and guided to have more industrial training & IDP. Invited experts from industries to deliver expert talk to the students. Also invited experts for review of IDP/UDP for BE students and DP for ME students.