Prakarsh - A National Level Tech Fest

26 Acres of Land, Pollution Free Campus, AICTE Approved, Engineering College


Every year we organize PRAKARSH, a national level technical symposium to bring together the best brains in the country and give them a chance to showcase their skills and talents.This would give a platform for the students to interact and compete with each other. 

There are non-technical events too to incorporate fun activities alongside the technical fervour followed by Pro-nights.

PRAKARSH 2006, PRAKARSH 2007, PRAKARSH 2008, PRAKARSH 2009, PRAKARSH 2010, PRAKARSH 2011, PRAKARSH2012, PRAKARSH 2013, PRAKARSH 2014 and PRAKARSH 2015 were a great success and they have set the benchmark, which we intend to surpass this year.In a way,these events helped greatly to develop the potential of budding techno managers from various regions.This year our proposed theme is "Defence Peace and Technology".

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