The following programmes are offered for the current academic year.

Programme                                  Intake
Bachelor of Architecture              80 seats

The five-year degree programme has two stages the Foundation Stage, and the Specialization Stage.

The first six semesters constitute the Foundation Stage-which is common for all the three streams.

The last four semesters make the Specialization Stage; during this time the students get a rigorous practical training and an in-depth knowledge of the area of they have chosen.

Often, students discover themselves during the training, as it is truly both a testing ground of their design convictions and a window to the professional realities.
During the Foundation Stage, students are introduced gradually to drawing and representational techniques, theories in construction and structure, and basic design methods along with history of various cultures and their attempts at creating an indigenous architecture.

While in the second stage, theory and design issues begin to get more complex. Current contexts play the central role in the framing of the issues and in developing and representation of their solutions
B. Arch Cultural, historical and economic complexities of urban world frame the center stage of the second stage.

Questions of urban sprawl and congestion, pollution and the traffic, along with issues of conservation of heritage, emerging technologies and their impact on the living patterns, ecologic concerns, etc., are delineated to the students. The students are required to temper their creativity and build up intellectual capacity to meet the realities of the fast globalizing world.

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