Library of College of Architecture is a galaxy of knowledge for students and faculty. It has rich collection of 5570 text books and reference books, journals, magazines, audio/videos CD, theses reports, Research reports, online journals, database analysis software, etc. It has carpet area of over 320 sqm. All students and teachers who join the College automatically become members of the library.

SOUL 2.0 software is used in the library which automates the process of issue and return of books. WEB OPEC enables book reservation and generation of library usage reports. The library has internet-enabled computer workstations for online access to library resources.A reading room with capacity of 80 is also made available to students and staff.

Facilities: • Periodical & Newspaper Section: Rich collection of latest periodicals, magazines and newspapers are subscribed by the college. • Reference Service: Assistance is provided to all the members searching for any book or reference material in the library. • Xerox Facility: The library has facility for photo copy for the students. • Wi-Fi internet connectivity:

The library is Wi-Fi enabled to provide students an easy access to internet. • Library has its own library server with 4TB Hard disk and 5 GB RAM to store all E-resources like E-Books, articles, University exam papers, Engineering Miracles; PPTs pertaining of different subjects, photographs of different events of college etc.


1. International Journals of Housing and Human Settlement Planning 2. International Journal of Environmental Planning and Development 3. International Journal of Landscape Planning and Architecture 4. International Journal of Sustainable Building Technology 5. International Journal of Architectural Design and Management

Journals & Periodicals:

1. MGS Architecture 2. Architectural Review 3. SPACE: The SPA Journal of Planning 4. Social Action 5. Better Interior 6. Spatio-Economic Development 7. Architecture Time, Space & People 8. Journal of Institute of Town Planner (India) 9. Architect Design (British) 10. Architecture Record USA 11. Down To Earth 12. Index Furniture Journal 13. Indian Architect & Builder 14. Inside Outside 15. Architecture + Design 16. Landscape Architecture 17. ART & Deal 18. ART India 19. DOMUS 20. Int’l. Jr. of Housing and Human Settlement Planning. 21. Int’l. Jr. of Architecture and Infrastructure Planning. 22. Int’l. Jr. of Landscape Planning and Architecture. 23. Int’l. Jr. of Construction Engineering and Planning. 24. Journal. Of Recent Trends in Civil Engineering & Technology. 25. Urban India: A Journal of the National Institute of Urban Affairs 26. Tekton: A Journal of Architecture, Urban Design and Planning 27. Design Detail 28. Safari 29. Marg (Magazine) 30. Marg (Book) 31. Kumar 32. Seminar 33. Nagarlok

LIBRARY SERVICES: • Circulation of books and periodicals • Arranging for contents of articles of selected periodicals • Display of New Arrivals • Reprographic services • Reference files of selected topics • Display of the list of reserved books received in the library • Library orientation to fresh members • Supply of handout to guide the users for the use of library • Facility to reserve books • Individual attention and help to the users to locate their required reading material • SMS messaging to members • Display of publications of faculty members • Books Exhibition • Current Awareness Services • Reference Section • Collection of Competitive Exam Books • Internet Facility • Book Bank Facility.