NASA – National Association of Students of Architecture


NASA – ‘National Association of Students of Architecture ‘ is a forum, which promotes interaction between students, faculty and professionals.  National NASA convention is a yearly event at the National level and the Zonal NASA is  one at the zonal level. In national NASA, 100-120 colleges participate from all over India and Nepal. NASA constitutes of 7 Zones throughout India including 1 or 2 states within one Zone. Maharashtra and Gujarat fall under zone-2.

The architecture colleges compete for  5 main trophies such as LIK, G-Sen, Nari Gandhi, Reuben, and HUDCO along with Cultural, many on-the-spot games and miscellaneous design competitions.  Zonal NASA invites around 20 to 25 colleges per zone while the National and Annual NASA has a participation of over 120 architecture colleges throughout India.

College of Architecture,SVIT,Vasad is permanent member of NASA. Extra curricular activities are given equal priority alongwith academics aiming for the over-all development of every student that enrolls in NASA is one such activity that we strongly supports without hesitation at every point each year. Hence it is a matter of honor for every student to be a part of NASA. The records and achievements mentioned below definitely prove us that we are in the forefrontin this activity.

Every year our students participates in various NASA trophies such as Reubens, G – Sen, Habitus, Nari Gandhi and Louis I Kahn. we also participates in cultural activities at NASA.

Some of the Zonal NASA achievement highlights are

61st ZONAL NASA convention was hosted by  Raman Bhakta School of Architecture, MALIBA Campus between 9th September to 11th September,2018

Total 1500+ students from 50+ colleges from Zone-2 (Western India) participated in convention.College of Architecture, SVIT,Vasad participated and achieved following trophies.
1. Sustainability Trophy- Special Mention (Second Position) 
2. On the spot design trophy - Citation (First Position)
3. On the Sports - 1st Runner up