Architectural education is meaningful in the 21st century because the process of learning to design involves complex problem solving, critical thinking and visualization, much sought-after skills that can help society address important social, cultural and environmental challenges of the century. At its core, architecture is a mix of art, science, social sciences, anthropology, history, theory, engineering, business, poetry, mathematics and philosophy. Architecture is an interdisciplinary thinking and practice. We want to shape future design leaders.

The students are exposed to the integration of design, research and practice while developing a broad range of expertise in diverse areas such as design pedagogy and practice; building technology and sustainable design; digital technology and computational design; history, culture and conservation design; urban design and landscape urbanism; as well as appreciation of the cultural and intellectual meaning of architecture as the most permanent and visible embodiment of civilization.

The Alumni of College of Architecture-SVIT have made successful careers as licensed architects, real estate developers, artists, web designers, fabricators, community leaders, set designers, construction management professionals internationally.

On behalf of the faculty and staff I welcome the new batch of students and wish them an exciting time at COA-SVIT, Vasad.

Prof. Sailesh Nair,