To create an innovative platform for the study of human habitat through multi-dimensional lenses addressing the four pillars of our pedagogy, namely - Urbanism, Technology, History & Environment.


  • We seek to involve and engage students of architecture to be responsive to the natural, technological, cultural, and social environments through the systematic development of an aesthetic attitude, a technical confidence, and critical thinking.

    By offering a diverse, interdisciplinary and rigorous curriculum in a clever mix of comprehensive studio and outdoor environment by engaging with citizens' groups, local community organizations, the private sector, and the profession toward the improvement of the built environment.

    By providing opportunities to challenge students to develop their abilities in problem solving, creative thinking, and informed decision-making as a focus of their professional education and thereby to nurture a student-centred environment for personal development and professional excellence.

    By preparing students for leadership roles by educating them in skills and knowledge required to improve the quality of the built environment on both at national and international level, through collaborations and dialogue, in the fields of Architecture, Construction Science, Community Development and Digital Media Arts.