Applied Sciences & Humanties Department

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To elevate students for the further quest of technological knowledge by creating sound base and succor other technological department to fulfill their objectives.


  • To teach and boost practical aspects of Applied Sciences and Humanities to frame a concrete foundation as a part of the engineering education.

  • To groom students for core engineering branches by indoctrinating them in the basic sciences of physics, mathematics and humanities in foundation year.

  • To encourage students to be socially responsible good human beings and transmit burgeon of leadership qualities.

  • To encourage for creativity and innovation through example based teaching-learning process, imparted in the most simple and comprehensible way.

  • About the Department

    The department has the onus of teaching Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, English, Management and Economics. The applied sciences play an important role in forming the foundation of engineering and technology. Any innovation in engineering and technology uses fundamental principles of science. Most of the faculties of the department are possessing doctorate degrees in their fields. The department of Applied Sciences and Humanities teaches and boosts­­­ practical aspects of Applied Sciences and Humanities to frame a concrete foundation as a part of the engineering education.

    Mathematics is an integral part of any engineering. It is indispensable assistant to solve engineering problems. The department has rich pool of experienced faculties with doctorate degrees in Mathematics. They have Mathematics a simple and interesting subject. The department also teaches higher mathematics and fundamentals of research to the post graduate students of various disciplines of engineering.
    Communication Skill is central to succeed in any field. It is essential for the engineers to possess strong Communication Skill in English to be competitive at global level. The department has established a very resourceful Language Laboratory. The Language Laboratory provides the state-of-the-art language learning solution. It is a place of personalized learning to enhance the communication skills and also test their skills. The faculties of English also teach the students technical communication and technical report writing. Students receive training in written and verbal communication essential to succeed in IELTS, GRE and TOEFL. The subject of Communication Skills helps the students develop confidence in them. The majority of the current syllabus is taught with the help of the software where Students are actively participating in learning process.  
    Sound knowledge of economics and management is critical for the success of an engineer and the company for which they are work. The subject of Management and Engineering Economics teaches students different terminologies of Economics and Management which help them hone the skills like problem-solving, critical thinking and analytical thinking. The students find this subject very interesting.


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