Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)


If India were to assume leadership in industrial production of even a few items of sophisticated nature in the 21st century, it will be essential that a considerable cross section of science and technology community choose Entrepreneurship as their vocation rather than merely assuming supervisory/managerial positions in various enterprises. By opting Entrepreneurship as their careers, these students would be able to influence decisions with regard to products and processes of their ventures. Thus, they would be able to participate directly in the economic development of the country. In addition, young technocrats are also looking out for opportunities to exploit their full potential by setting up their own ventures thus becoming "job generators" rather than "job seekers". Hence, there is a need to promote Entrepreneurship amongst technology and management students.
With a view to encourage the students in technical institutions to consider self employment as a career option, an Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology (SVIT) has been established since April 2011 with grant-in-aid from All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi. The EDC also aims at providing training in entrepreneurship through modular courses.
Following are the specific objectives of EDC:

  1. To create an environment for self-employment and entrepreneurship development through formal and non-formal programs.
  2. To introduce the concept of entrepreneurship to the students of engineering and technology.
  3. To utilize the infrastructure facilities and technically trained manpower for the development of non-corporate and unorganized sectors.
  4. To promote employment opportunities.


Name of Member



Prof. (Dr.) Samta Shah

Chief Coordinator, EDC


Prof. Hiren Patel

Member, E & C Department


Prof. (Capt.)Umang Jani

Member, Aeronautical Engineering Department


Prof. Pratik Parmar

Member, Mechanical Engineering Department


Prof. Mala Mehta

Member, IT Department


Prof. Sanjay Patel

Member, Electrical Engineering Department


Prof. Gurucharan Sahani

Member, Computer Engineering Department


Prof Archana Yadav

Member, I&C Engineering Department


Prof Disha Patel

Member, AS&H Department

Report of Activities done under ED Cell in the academic year 2019 - 2020

Report of E-Summit’20 held at IIT Bombay