ISTE Faculty Chapter (GU-021)

With very enthusiastic team of ISTE Faculty Chapter, constituted by SVIT-Vasad, various learning sessions and experiential activities covering diverse areas were conducted under ISTE Chapter @ SVIT.

Work force of ISTE Chapter (GU-021) @ SVIT-Vasad:

Sr. No.

Name of Involved Faculty Member

ISTE Faculty Chapter  Office bearer


Dr. S. D. Toliwal (Principal, SVIT)



Dr. Kiritkumar Bhatt (Prof. EC)



Prof. Nisha Shah (Asst. Prof. IT)

Joint Secretary


Prof. Nisha Shah (Asst. Prof. IT)



Dr. Dipesh Shah (Asso. Prof. IC)



Prof. Anand Patel (Asst. Prof. IT)



Various Activities carried out under the Banner of ISTE Chapter are:

  1. Expert lecture on “Basics of Art of Living” was organized on 16th March, 2019.
    Click here to download report

Session was conducted by Rishi Vidhyadhar, senior faculty of Art of living Foundation … the universal quest for wealth, health and happiness, a successful businessman, aerobics instructor with his name register in Limca books of records, interior designer and staunch follower of Ayurveda.

  1. Expert talk on “Information Security and its importance in present Era” was organized on 21st Sep, 2019. Click here to download report

Mr. Kalpesh Parikh, Information Security Consultant from Vadodara has provided the insight in today’s digital world, security is the key aspects to maintain the secrecy and safety of data and information, while using internet.

  1. One week ISTE & GTU sponsored FDP on “IoT-Evaluation Expo with Smart Environment” has been organized during 11-15 Nov, 2019 by Information Technology Department. Click here to download report

Rs. 1,00,000/- as a sponsorship towards FDP was granted by ISTE.
The entire FDP was divided into five days. First day was the theory session on “Introduction to IOT “delivered by Dr. Rakesh Vanzara, Ganpat University, participants were given knowledge about the basics of IOT. On second day participants were provided knowledge on “Introduction to Rasberry PI” by Dr. Vijay Ukani, Nirma University, Ahmedabad. On the third day there was session on “IOT Applications” taken by Dr. Ritesh Patel, CSPIT CHARUSAT University. On the fourth day delivered a session on “Blockchain” by Mr. Martin Parmar, CSPIT CHARUSAT University. The fifth day there was a session on “The Future of Blockchain Applications in IoT” delivered by Ms Sifa Vohra, Technical Lead Finimble Solutions , Vadodara.

  1. An expert talk with Matlab Demonstration on “IoT, Machine Learning & Big Data Analytics using Matlab” was organized on 20th Nov, 2019. Click here to download report

The Session expert Mr. Suraj Gawande (DesignTech Limited, Pune) and Mr. Dhiraj Jagtap (DesignTech, Ahmedabad) gave demonstration and presentation on different toolbox and application introduced in Matlab 2019b. He gave detail information of Deeplearning toolbox, parallel processing toolbox and Thingspeak on IOT”.

  1. A Workshop on “Fixed V/s Growth Based Mindset” was organized on 17th Dec, 2019. Click here to download report

The Session expert Ms. Nimu Patel, who conducted the workshop, has overall 30 years teaching experience in English (Language).  She worked as a Centred Counsellor for 9 years in National Health Service General Practitioner’s Surgery. Currently she is associated as ESOL Lecturer, with North West London.

  1. An activity based learning workshop on “Teachers as Influencers: The Transforming Power of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)” was organized on 28th Dec, 2019. Click here to download report

Ms. Esha Bhavin Shah, a certified NLP practitioner organized the session on activity based learning and contained various methods to be implemented to get best result in teaching – learning process by the teachers.

  1. We have received donation cheque for Rs. 35000/- towards ISTE Faculty Chapter from Excel Enterprises, Vadodara, to strengthen the chapter for faculty development at SVIT-Vasad.

  2. For the purpose of quality improvement of the faculty members of SVIT, VASAD an experiential learning program was organized on 17th January, 2020 at Dev Camp Resort property. Click here to download report
Program was conducted by a team of six experts from Acumen 360º, a corporate trainer and HR service provider. This whole day activity based program was focused on Team Building & Coordination, Successful Leadership, Effective Interaction with different level Human beings, Positive Mindset, Work Ethics & Appreciation which demands team work, intellectual involvement, physical strength, presence of mind, coordination, accuracy with speed and many more abilities.