Master of Computer Applications Department

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"To provide skilled IT professionals with ability to adopt to new technologies and develop expertise in diverse domain."

  1. Equip students with analytical and logical skills to become an efficient IT solution provider.
  2. Instill research potential amongst faculty members and disseminate the research aptitude in the students.
  3. Evolve knowledge society for the development of centre of excellence.
  4. Enrich students with ethics, confidence, leadership qualities, communication skills and interpersonal relationships.


  1. Continue enriching delivery of course content to students so as to make them confident for analyzing problems and grooming them to provide solutions for real life IT applications.
  2. Continuously upgrade the knowledge and skills of all employees through a planned development in collaboration with industry and academic institutions.
  3. Motivate students to become responsible individuals.
  4. Encourage students to develop IT projects to meet industrial requirements.
  5. Educate the students so as to enhance their employability.