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What is Prakarsh?
Prakarsh, a Two days National Technical Festival, is a signature event of SVIT, Vasad. Prakarsh bring together the engineering and other students of various regions and give them a chance to ignite their minds and showcase their skills and talents through various technical and non-technical competitions. Prakarsh provides a platform to the students to interact and compete with others. Variety of technical events and workshops are organized during Prakarsh. There are non-technical events too to incorporate fun activities alongside the technical fervor followed by Pro-nights. The event is organized by students of SVIT and supported by faculty, staff and authorities.
Prakarsh is organized since last 14 years. Prakarsh 2006 to Prakarsh 2019 were a great success setting the benchmarks. In this Tech-Fest, over 3500 students from around 80 engineering colleges from Gujarat state participate.

Some of the highlights of the Prakarsh:

  • One of the most popular events is Robotics, which includes 4 different types of challenging competitions and a workshop. Another popular event is Rise of Machines, organized by Mechanical Engineering Department which includes mechanism and technology in the model making.
  • The group 'Piston and Propellers' covers the events by Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering. Every year a new and innovative utility machines are being taught to be made in event named Rise of Machines. The group named 'Dexter's Lab' covers the events by Electrical, Instrumentation & Control and Electronics & Communication Engineering.
  • The computer field concentrates on hardware developments, while IT concentrates on software and MCA handles the application part. Together these three forms a group named ‘CyberIntrusion’ offering 5 events.
  • The events of the civil engineering group ‘Structonics’ include Virtual Estate, La-castelo, Bridge Mania, etc. In addition, various fun-filled amazing non-technical events are conducted by group named ‘Funtastic’. Another event HR summit is conducted under a group of events named ‘Ancillary’

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